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we've got your back

We're looking out for you!  When the day to day gets tough, we are here for you.  Our whole team is hands on because we care. We want to help you succeed and provide you with everything you need to further your career!

the money you deserve

We ensure our pay rates are competitive and you enjoy more comfort from your employment.  Additionally, we offer tax advantage pay that also ensures you are receiving excellent transportation reimbursement while keeping you close to home where you have more time for family and friends.  You deserve to receive the maximum benefits both in work and your free time.


Our dedicated staff are always available to you. Our healthcare professionals have a sense of comfort knowing they can contact us anytime, day or night.

got health insurance?

We understand healthcare costs are rising.  We strive to offer you the finest cost effective health insurance coverage available. We will assist you in the cost of your coverage for health, dental, vision, and prescription insurance.

need housing? we have you covered.

When you work with QS we will make overnight or longer term arrangements that best suit your needs.   Both us and our clients want you comfortable while away from home!

you are insured and protected

All our healthcare professionals are covered by professional liability insurance at no expense to you.

direct deposit

At your request, your paycheck is conveniently deposited directly into the bank account of your choice each week. 

refer a friend - get a bonus!

When you refer a healthcare professional who is hired by QS, we pay you! With this program, you can earn thousands each year. Pretty cool huh?

you deserve real raises

We are honored to show our gratitude, monetarily, for your diligence to excellence and teamwork day in and day out.  You deserve noticeable raises, not .25/hr after a year.  With QS you receive significant increases for your quality and professional representations. 


Whether you are working full or part time with QS, we know the importance of regular scheduled pay. We guarantee that your money will be in your bank account on time every week.  Yes, Friday is pay day.

FREE scrub tops

Yes, you heard right! You don’t need to buy uniform tops anymore.  All employees have the opportunity to receive multiple per year. If you wear them out, let us know so we can replace them!

FREE continuing education

Throughout the course of the year, QS gives you access to thousands of CEU courses free of charge. As a one stop shop, search the site and find the course(s) you want eliminating the need to scour for credits.  We understand your busy life and this is just one way we do more for you.  

more "ME" time

You work hard every single day, constantly and consistently away from loved ones and do not have enough time for yourself.  What we do is about you, your success, fulfillment, ambition and goals.