About Us

Company History

QS Nurses Corporation has served Kansas with dedicated Travel and Per Diem services for nearly 30 years. We are a strong proponent of building and fostering relationships through results; our team members and partners recognize us for our standards. Our commitment to patient and resident care is to assist in the strengthening and continued health of our partner organizations.

Kansas is an honored state of rural and urban people whose past and present make it strong in culture and rich in history. From Chrysler to Nobel Peace Prize recipients. From space exploration to the Air Capital of the World. From historic forts to one of the greatest U.S. Presidents.  From farm and ranch cutting edge technology to production, Kansas has much to offer. It is known by the phrase, "Kansans, they are good people".

As we continue forward, building on the strength of our history, we invite nurses, other clinical professionals and institutions to put us to task. You won't regret the investment. 

We invite you to learn more in our longstanding Mission and Vision Statements.

Mission Statement

 QS Nurses Corporation exists to aid in the delivery of exceptional, well qualified care giving by providing for daily/per diem and extended term staffing of nurses.  We hold as pinnacle the success of our partner organizations, employees, patients and the communities they serve.

Vision Statement

Our vision has been and remains to provide the highest quality services (professional and relational) in the industry sharing profitability equally with our employees and clients through superior value. We work diligently to be known synonymously with quality and reliability. We succeed through wholesome integrity to our team members both in office and in the field as well as to our partner organizations.