Client Services

QS uses state of the art staffing software which allows our employees and facilities to access it to place requests, change requests, provide availability, and change availability. Both organizations and employees can view the calendar which has been created based on their input and our activity. Emails can be sent back and forth to each other providing instant notifications. The notifications remain active until acted upon. 

Organizations may also view all licenses, certifications, titles, etc. and any other documents with expiration's. These are a few of the features designed to provide for smooth scheduling processes and cost effective use of your time.

You can be assured that QS is purposed to serve you through healthcare excellence, every day. Our healthcare professionals understand the importance of their roles, benefiting our partners, their patients and community which they serve. Community satisfaction drives your success, our partner.  

e encourage you to let us be a service to you and look forward to the opportunity.

  • Flexible Job Order Entry
  • Skill-Based Order Matching & Ranking
  • Compliance & Credential Tracking
  • Automated Confirmations
  • Cancellation Analysis Tools
  • Integrated Timecard Management
  • Detailed History Tracking