An Opportunity to Dramatically Improve Your Nursing Life

Through your nursing career, you will have heard of per diem nursing. It sounds awfully temporary, and you imagine temporary means absolutely nothing other than a day’s pay at a time.

You carry on with your career as a registered nurse. You accept that shift work in a local nursing home or hospital setting is the way it is. Like 84% of employees, you’d love more flexibility. But that’s impossible when you’re a nurse. Or is it?

Enter per diem nursing. A career that gives you more control and freedom over how you manage your life. And that’s not all.

Don’t be fooled into assuming per diem nursing is an unstable career choice. In this article, you’ll discover five things you didn’t know about per diem nursing, and why so many RNs are choosing the per diem life year in, year out, full time, part-time, or as a side hustle.

1.    Great Earning Potential

Healthcare facilities call upon staffing agencies for per diem nurses to fill the voids in staffing levels, particularly during high-demand periods such as flu season or unexpected situations. They need you often on short notice.

As a QS Nurses per diem nurse, you will receive excellent benefits, perks, rewards, and an attractive higher hourly rate.

You may decide to work full-time as a per diem nurse, or part-time to boost your current earnings. Some nurses with full-time jobs choose to work for an agency, picking up per diem shifts within their three/four-day rest to drastically increase their overall income.

We offer health insurance, vision & dental, Aflac, and a health care cost-sharing program – and we’ll walk you through these options.

2.    Pick Your Shifts From Thousands Available

As a per diem nurse, you choose what days you want off. Flexibility is such a rewarding benefit. You have more control over your life, and more ‘me time’.  QS Nurses staffing software allows you to customize your availability and request shifts from the convenience of your phone:

  • If you have responsibilities at home, you can choose your hours to allow for them
  • You’ll never miss an important family occasion
  • You can work in bursts of shifts to allow for longer breaks

3.    Improve Your Work/Life Balance

2020 put overwhelming pressure on healthcare services, and one thing we’ve learned is that home life and flexibility are crucial for our well-being, mentally and physically. Per diem nursing allows you to step away from the rigid framework of shifts and salary, and work to a pattern that suits you.

Being able to choose your shifts, you will see a huge improvement in your work/life balance, which is essential in a stressful career in healthcare.

4.    Work Where You Like

If you get bored of arriving at the same old setting every day and night, per diem nursing can shake things up.

Our QS Team enjoys several options from per diem, to short-term contracts, and even travel contracts ranging from 8 to 13 weeks or longer. Some will need you short-term, while others will need you for a longer period, perhaps rolling into months.

Per diem nursing takes away the repetitiveness and boredom that may make you feel like you are on a hamster wheel.

5.    Gain New Friends and Skills

As you work in different facilities, you meet new colleagues. This isn’t for everyone, and some nurses like to feel engrained within a set team, which is fine. While teamwork is important, if your team doesn’t suit you, you won’t get the most from your work.

Per diem nursing welcomes new friendships and professional networking. You can choose not to work in the places you don’t feel comfortable, keep repeat requests in the places you love most, and carry on finding new ones.

More importantly, you get to discover new ways of working. Per diem nursing creates so much opportunity for you to learn and upskill. Being required to fill voids often means you’ll be challenged with new tasks you may have never discovered a love for if it weren’t for per diem nursing.

Some nurses utilize per diem nursing aimed at new specialized areas, to test the water before they endeavor in a new nursing career path.

Per diem nursing creates a continual supply of opportunity and friendship.

Summing Up

Nursing has always been a career you love. Per diem nursing adds the sparkle to it.

Take control over your life. Take the time off that you need. Be there for every occasion and go back to work buzzing with enthusiasm and zest for life. Meet new people. Learn new skills. Earn well. Join the many nurses who have chosen the best way to enjoy their nursing career, through per diem nursing with QS Nurses.

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