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Start earning what you are worth and have your employer beside you!

Great teams support and satisfy. Our approach to you and your needs is significant to our success. We are set apart from the competition through our foundational beliefs. We hire the best, then work daily to build long lasting relationships inside and outside of employment. Hence, our retention rate is significantly higher than industry averages through teamwork, support and advocacy. Come join hundreds who enjoy the same.

You will receive great benefits, make new friendships and enjoy exploring that which most are unable to experience. When you have the itch to be professionally mobile, we will help you all the way to  “comfortable” while you enjoy the adventures, experiences and GROWTH. 

QS Nurses, through our employees has a reputation of providing Sterling Service, superior value and a history of long term partner facility relationships.  QS is able to offer many choices to you. Furthermore, we offer great benefits and weekly pay to all our employees.  We have continual and growing needs for your assistance throughout the state.

Employment Opportunities

Local Travel?

Are you looking for temporary local travel (8,13 weeks or longer) opportunities that earn you an excellent salary and give the option of being home at night?    Whatever your specialty may be, we have the job opportunity for you so come adventure with us.  

Day to Day Opportunities?

Whether you want full or part time work each week, QS has it for you.  With per diem staffing, you have the ability to set your availability. QS is everywhere you want to be, come along with us.

Take Home More. Be Home More.

QS reimburses transportation to you.  We strive to help you work close to home so you have more time for your personal life.  Over 30 years QS has never had an employee who wants to work 8 or 12 hours and spend 4-6 more hours driving roundtrip.  This is the benefit of our tax advantage pay.  You receive a larger portion of your weekly pay untaxed and significantly more “you” time. 

Shopping for a permanent employment home?

We have locations throughout Kansas.  You find a spot you love, just tell us when you find your new employment home and we will help make it happen.

Benefits of Joining Our Team

Knowledge and Support

Our team is highly qualified and dedicated to serve and advocate for you! From our customer service focused Staffing Specialists to our Management team driving our mission and vision, collectively  we are hands on daily to help you succeed.  Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to further your career!

The Money You Deserve

QS ensures that our pay rates are competitive and you enjoy more comfort from your employment.  Additionally, we offer Tax Advantage Pay that also ensures you are receiving excellent transportation reimbursement while keeping you close to home where you have more time for family and friends.  QS believes in the very most to you.  You deserve to receive the maximum benefits both in work and your free time.


Our dedicated staff are always available to you. Our employees have a sense of comfort knowing they can contact our office day or night.

Got Insurance?

We understand healthcare costs are rising.  We strive to offer you the finest PPO coverages as cost effective as available. When employed with us, we will assist you in the cost of your coverage for health, dental, vision, and prescription insurance

Need Housing? We Have You Covered.

When you work with QS, we will make overnight or extended term arrangements that best suit your needs.   QS and our clients want you comfortable while away from home!

You are Insured and Protected

All our employees are covered by professional liability insurance at no expense to you.


Whether you are working full or part time with QS, we know the importance of regular scheduled pay. We guarantee that your money will be in your bank account on time every week.  Yes, Friday is pay day. 

Direct Deposit

At your request, your pay check is conveniently direct deposited into the bank account of your choice each week, eliminating any US Mail delays receiving your money. 

Know Someone? Get a bonus!

When you refer a medical professional who is hired by QS, we appreciate your reference and pay you! With this program, you can earn thousands each year.  

You Deserve Real Raises

We are honored to show our gratitude to our employees’ for your diligence to good work and teamwork day in and day out with raises!  Not .25/hr after a year, with QS you receive significant increases for your Quality and professional representations. 

FREE Scrubs

Yes, you heard right! You don’t need to buy uniform tops anymore.  Upon hire after your third shift, you begin receiving free uniform tops from QS.  All employees have the opportunity to receive multiple per year. If you wear them out, let us know so we can replace them!

FREE Ongoing Education

Throughout the course of the year, QS gives you access to thousands of CEU courses free of charge as an employee of QS Nurses.  Search the site and find the course(s) you want eliminating the need to search for credits.  This is a one stop shop and another way QS works for you.  We understand your busy life.  To help you stay current on your continuing education credits, call us and we will direct you to your best options.   

Below we have added other locations you can view CEUs eliminating your headaches of searching.  Don’t forget to refer others to QS as well!

Per the Kansas State Board of Nursing, they will accept nursing continuing education credits that are pre-approved and/or accredited by:

  • Any State Board of Nursing
  • National Credentialing Organization
  • The Kansas State Board of Nursing

**If the offering does not state it is approved or accredited by one of the above listed for Continued Nursing Education, you may NOT use it for continued education without filing an Individual Offering Approval (IOA) form and getting PRIOR approval before using it to renew or reinstate your license.  Kansas nursing licenses expire on the last day of the month that you were born, in odd or even years based upon which year you were born.

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