Mission, Vision and Core Values | QS Nurses, Great Bend KS
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We exist to provide exceptional healthcare services that our team members are proud  of and serve healthcare facilities that prefer us for their patients.


To be known as the highest quality service in the healthcare industry sharing success equally with our team and clients through superior value. 

  core values

  we are professional

  we are valuable team members

  we deliver the highest quality service

  we esteem honor and integrity


  1988-2008: Colorado Staffing

  1988 - 2006: Colorado Homecare

  1994-2008: Travel Nursing to Entire Country

  1995 - Present: Kansas Staffing 

We are proud to serve Kansas which is an honored state of rural and urban people whose past formed a rich culture and history.  From “Ike” Eisenhower, one of our nations most admired and greatest Presidents, to Walter Chrysler and Nobel Peace Prize recipients. From Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, historic forts, to space exploration and the Air Capital of the World.  Being rich in agriculture, Kansas farming and ranching employs cutting edge technology for extraordinary production, feeding 100’s of people per farmer/rancher.  Kansas also enjoys an abundant supply of oil, gas, and wind power generation. The state is known by the phrase, "Kansans, they are good people".