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the team


terry and christy - founders 

Terry and Christy have been associated with medical staffing for over 30 years. Their esteem of medical professionals brought them into the industry. As Terry states, "You (caregivers) are amazing individually and corporately as a profession. You deserve the very best for the commitment, sacrifices and good you bring to communities and this country, one patient at a time. I want to ensure QS Nurses does all it can do to support you."

tim - chief financial officer  

Tim has worked for QS Nurses for over 17 years, first as controller then as the Chief Financial Officer.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  He has over 27 years of corporate accounting experience in various industries with both private and public companies.  In his free time, he loves to spend time with his family.  He also volunteers as his church treasurer and youth sunday school teacher. 

kyle - vice president  

Kyle has worked alongside professional caregivers and other support roles in hospitals, home health settings, rehab facilities, skilled nursing and more over the last 10 years.  His admiration for these professionals cannot be overstated. He has seen the most dedicated, loving, caring individuals go unthanked for their constant selfless sacrifice.  "From the scheduling department to the ICU and everywhere between, these people are special -  we are in the business of letting them know how appreciated they are.  QS Nurses serves these professionals they way they deserve - with respect, dignity and consistent high fives for all they do!  When someone comes onboard as a team member or client, they become part of the QS family."

brooke - general manager

It was working closely with healthcare professionals in the care of mentally ill patients that Brooke acquired an admiration for the nursing field. "I am amazed with the continued sacrifices made by not just the nursing staff but all healthcare professionals. I am so blessed to be able to say that I work with a large group of professionals, not just in the office, but in the field. Our staff has the quality, professionalism, integrity, and teamwork that our clients, residents, and patients deserve! It is because of all our staff, we are the preferred agency in Kansas. I couldn’t be more proud to say I work for Q.S. Nurses!"

lindi - travel manager

Lindi has been an integral part of the QS team for 15 years.  Her efforts and contribution to forwarding our mission and vision has been invaluable.  We are so thankful for her management and leadership over these past several years.  Before joining our management team, Lindi served in the field for two years as a CNA.  She understands what it is to be a caregiver going into a facility and providing stellar care to patients and residents.  For that reason she brings a strong voice as an advocate and proponent for our caregivers as well as for our partners in each facility we work in.

  angela - hr manager

Angela has been in the healthcare industry for 12 years and worked alongside CNAs, RNs as well as with physicians and administration.  She is in the process of completing her master’s certificate in Human Resources Management then will continue on for the SHRM Certification.  Angela states, "I really enjoy meeting new candidates that could potentially become new QS team members.  Helping people has always been what I enjoy doing, and I am happy that I can do that here at QS Nurses." 

renee - business development

Renee Miller served as Human Resources Manager for QS Nurses from October of 2016 to January 2018. She now enjoys her role in Account Development.  Her ability to connect with clients and daily build solid relationships is a huge asset to the company.  She brings 4 years combined experience in Business Administration.  Her focus on Community Collaboration has led her to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles.  She received her BFA at Kansas State University in 2007.  

nicole - staffing department manager

Nicole started her career at QS as a CNA/CMA but when offered the opportunity for a position working with the team in the office she jumped at the opportunity. She states, "I was always treated like a valuable member of the team and I’ve found that I still get the same satisfaction out of helping our clients with their staffing needs and building strong relationships with them as I did when I was working in the field." 

natasha - field staffing supervisor

Natasha joined our internal team through dedicated service as a CNA.  She has a huge heart to serve and advocate for patients and her fellow co-workers. She is continuing her education to become a nurse so we are extremely happy for her.