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services and solutions

   per diem

Daily staffing assistance is our bread and butter. Our team members are the best available and known for their high quality, professionalism and ability to function as valuable team members.  We assist you with a single rate service, meaning,  QS does not charge for mileage on top of our base rate.   

  local travel

Short or long term contracts are available for you due to unexpected absences, FMLA leave, vacations, vacated positions and a myriad of other extreme events that can and do affect you at times. 

  permanent placement

Love one of our team members? We will work with you to achieve your desired objectives of hiring someone full time.

tech to serve you

You demand excellence. Our software matches healthcare professionals with per diem shifts and long-term assignments quickly while helping to ensure compliance and quality mitigating risk exposure. 

  features and benefits

  • Easy to Use!
  • Send as Master Calendar for ALL agencies
  • Quickly place requests, change requests and view credentialing. 
  • Instant notification of statuses
  • View the calendar based on your requests, scheduling activity, etc.
  • View licenses, certs, titles, pharmacology, proficiency testing, JACHO/Safety, etc
  • Any documents with expirations, verification signatures, and background checks. 
  • Access to all information for your files, compliance, and annual surveys.
  • Skill-Based Order Matching & Ranking

 hiring criteria and credentialing

The best candidates will possess and consistently demonstrate Professionalism, Quality and Teamwork. Applicants are carefully screened, experience verified and strongly referenced by supervisors/managers prior to employment. Lastly, an extensive pre-placement orientation is completed and upon request orientation to your facility prior to assignment.

 This same software allows you access to view these credentials and documentation on our employees.  To ensure that nursing skills and facility needs are being met, performance evaluations are completed every 30 to 90 days based on client desires. These are just a few of the features designed to provide for smooth supplemental staff management, scheduling processes and effective use of your time.

whereever you are, so are we.

Great Bend is homebase for us which allows strategic placement in assisting all throughout Kansas.