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tech to serve you

You demand excellence. And with your facility placing greater importance on high performance standards, it is critical that our employees are the most qualified for you. Our software matches healthcare professionals with per diem shifts and long-term assignments quickly while helping to ensure compliance and quality mitigating risk exposure. 

  features and benefits

  • Easy to Use
  • Send as Master Calendar for ALL agencies
  • Provides more time to run your facility.
  • Quickly place requests, change requests and view credentialing. 
  • Emails sent back and forth providing instant notification of statuses
  • View the calendar based on your requests, scheduling activity, QS input and more
  • View licenses, certs, titles, pharmacology, proficiency testing, JACHO/Safety, etc
  • Any documents with expirations, verification signatures, and background checks. 
  • Access to all information for your files, compliance, and annual surveys.
  • Skill-Based Order Matching & Ranking
  • Automated Confirmations
  • Cancellation Analysis Tools
  • Integrated Timecard Management
  • Detailed History Tracking 

 hiring criteria and credentialing

When hiring nursing professionals, we focus on three characteristics. The best candidates will possess and consistently demonstrate Professionalism, Quality and Teamwork. Applicants are carefully screened, experience verified and strongly referenced by supervisors/managers prior to employment. All applicants possess one year of current experience. Lastly, an extensive pre-placement orientation is completed and upon request orientation to your facility prior to assignment.

Upon hire, employee information and credentials are uploaded into our software to verify completion of all documents. This same software allows you access to view these credentials and documentation on our employees.  To ensure that nursing skills and facility needs are being met, performance evaluations are completed every 30 to 90 days based on client desires. 

These are just a few of the features designed to provide for smooth supplemental staff management, scheduling processes and effective use of your time.


healthcare excellence, every day.