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what our clients and team members have to say

  Jordan - Nurse Aide

"I love working for QS because they are understanding and work with me. If there are ever any problems, I can always go to them for advice and resolve the issue. They keep me close to home while getting my 40 hours a week. It’s not just a job/paycheck! We’re here for the residents!"

  Tess - Nurse Aide

"The office team is helpful, friendly, and always available. It is very hard to find a part-time job that allows you to work one to two days a week. Being paid weekly is a huge plus as well." 

     Stevie - Facility Scheduler

"QS is quick to respond to my needs and always follows up. The professionalism is outstanding and I have built a friendship with the office staff. It’s not just a business relationship."

  John - Administrator

"QS is impressive. No other agency compares with the professionalism and quality you display.  Because of that, you are the only agency we will call.  We think highly of the nurses you send our way."

     Jennifer - Hospital Manager

"I have really appreciated the services your agency provides our organization.  Your staff are wonderful (both in the office and out).  I have only positive things to say about how you all operate.  You guys are amazing!!"

  TRACY - Nurse

"I have worked for QS for 4 years. Everyone in the office is amazing. When you call needing a question answered they are quick to respond. The facilities we work for love the QS staff because they know they hire the best. "

     KADIE - Nurse Aide

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to work with QS and I truly appreciate you giving me so much patience due to my unexpected procedure - it means so much. I absolutely love you all and how understanding and kind you are. Thank you so much!"