Unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii, adjusting to Daylight Saving Time is just a part of life. As we start the holiday season, we are tasked with adapting to longer periods without much needed sunlight. Here are a few tips to help you power through while staying as upbeat as possible.

  1. Turn It Off

Shut off the electronics an hour before you would normally go to bed. Commit to this new habit for at least two weeks before DST ends. Set a calendar reminder for DST to get a jump on next year.

  1. Rise Early

Wake up and move! Make yourself get out of bed 30-45 minutes earlier than you normally would. Have a quiet time, read, stretch, but most importantly, exercise. Many Americans start to feel the anxiety or even depression that follows DST. Give yourself an added brain boost by conquering the morning.

  1. Stay Hydrated

You might not be as active due to the cooler temps and lack of outdoor activities, drink water. Your body is trying to adapt and the last thing you need right now another reason to feel tired. Have 8oz of water ready to go on your bedside table. Purchase a 32oz jug and make it your goal to finish 64oz per day.

  1. Supplementation

As we know, our bodies need high quality nutrition to thrive during this time of year. The lack of outdoor activities due to less sunlight could result in couple of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Be sure to schedule a time to visit with your healthcare provider.

  1. Take It Easy

Regardless of your profession, remember to show yourself some grace. 2021 has been a continuation of a long 2020 for many of us. But you have made it to this point. Soon the holidays will be here, followed by longer, sunnier days. Don’t wish the time away, but rather be present in every moment. Reach out to friends and family. Take time to breathe and pat yourself on the back.