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Order ID: 3600
Certification: CNA
Location: Marion, VA
Start date subject to change
Start Date: 06-26-2023
End Date: 09-25-2023
Shift Start: 7:00am
Shift End: 7:00pm

A Long Term (LTC) CNA will carry out a broad spectrum of duties and flex to the needs of their resident/patients and the facility they are working at. Their tasks include, but are not limited to – assisting residents/patients with personal care, emotional needs and conducting clinical duties, helping other health care staff in completion of their duties and working with medical equipment. To be successful as a CNA, you should possess a caring and nurturing personality. You should also be able to handle physically demanding tasks, such as supporting the weight of residents/patients to aid mobility, turning residents/patients, and utilizing mechanical lifts and other medical equipment.


  • Current CNA license
  • Previous experience in a care giving role as a CNA preferred unless in our approved Preceptor Program
  • Current BLS
  • Desire to work with all people, irrespective of background, race or creed
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Physically able to lift patients. Knowledge and commitment to the use of a gait belt for ALL assisted transfers.  Commitment to use two staff for all transfers requiring the use of a mechanical lift.
  • Tactful and approachable personality.
  • Ability to keep commitments and show up to confirmed shifts.
  • Ability to flex to the needs of the facility.


  • Ensuring supplies and medical equipment are replenished and cleaned after use or disposed of properly
  • Strict use of universal precautions
  • Improve mobility of patients.  Keep residents/patients clean, well-groomed and bathed, odor free, hydrated and nourished
  • Take temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respirations of patients, and record results using electronic medical records software
  • Documenting ADL coding for resident/patient using MDS guidelines
  • Report needs and observed changes of residents/patients to the Charge Nurse
  • Assist other healthcare professionals with the cares of their resident/patients as needed.
  • Measure and document residents/patients’ weight accurately
  • Prepare residents/patients for meals, therapy, treatments, appointments and procedures
  • Make beds, give bedpans/urinal, bedside commodes and collect, empty and clean. Calculate input and output.
  • Cordial, polite and respectful to all co-workers.
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