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    local travel

Local travel (8,13 weeks or longer) opportunities that earn you an excellent salary AND give the option of being home at night! Whatever your specialty may be, we have the job opportunity for you so come adventure with us.  

    per diem

Whether you want full or part time work each week, we have it for you.  With per diem staffing, you set your availability. QS is everywhere you want to be, come along with us.

   looking for a permanent home?

We have several locations throughout Kansas.  While working with us and you happen to find a place you love and want to stay, we can make it happen.


why your peers choose us

 we've got your back

When the day to day gets tough, we are here for you.  Our whole team is hands on because we care. We want to help you succeed and provide you with everything you need to further your career!

  the compensation you deserve

Our pay rates are above industry average and you enjoy more comfort from your employment.  Additionally, we offer appreciation bonuses throughout the year!   


Our healthcare professionals have a sense of comfort knowing they can contact us anytime, day or night.

 got health insurance?

Healthcare is expensive! We strive to offer you the finest cost effective healthcare coverage available. We assist you in the cost of your coverage for health, dental, vision, and much more!

  you are protected

All our healthcare professionals are covered by general and professional liability insurance at no expense to you.

   refer a friend - get paid!

When you refer an RN, LPN, CNA or CMA who is hired by QS, we pay you! With this program, you can earn thousands each year. Pretty cool huh?


Friday is payday! We guarantee that your money will be in your bank account on time every week. 

   FREE scrub tops

All team members have the opportunity to receive these through the year!

  FREE continuing education

You have access to TONS of CEU courses free of charge.  We understand your busy life and this is just one way we do more for you.  

    more "ME" time

We help you work close to home so you have more time for your personal life.  Over 30 years QS has never heard an employee who says they want to work 8 or 12 hours and spend 4-6 more hours driving.  This is the benefit of our tax advantage pay.  You receive a larger portion of your weekly pay untaxed and enjoy significantly more “ME” time.