No matter where you are in life, undoubtably you have at least one area of discontentment. Consciously or unconsciously this one area is affecting your peace of mind and therefore taking a toll on your quality of life.  We live in a time during which we have unlimited resources and yet many of us are uncertain as to how to deal with constant change. Taking full responsibility for these 3 areas of your life will help you to gain momentum and promote a “Growth Mindset.”

  1. Spiritual Responsibility

No matter what you practice or believe, studies have shown that people who believe in something bigger than themselves, have a slight advantage over those believe that we are just on a rock spinning aimlessly through the galaxy. Having a strong spiritual practice can support your physical and mental health. If a person believes that every action has a consequence or a reward, integrity in any given situation will be at the front of their mind. You may feel a deeper sense of belonging, higher self-esteem, and greater hope for your future. A victim mentality is far too common in the lives of people who are not taking responsibility in this area. Make spirituality a daily priority. Live life on purpose.

  1. Physical Responsibility

Nobody can do your push-ups for you. You only have one body and it is your responsibility to take care of it. Our ancestors knew that without their physical health was of the utmost importance. What, when, and how much nutrition went into the body would have to be well accounted for in order to function. As western civilizations have become so focused on earning a living, many have placed their physical health on the back burner. We have access to clean water, yet we are dehydrated. We have access to nutrient dense food, but opt for processed, on the go choices.  Technological advancements have many of us working while sitting at a desk most of the day and have even taken away some of the physical demand from manual labor. You are the only one who can make sure that you incorporate the adequate amount of hydration, quality nutrition, and healthy movement.

  1. Mental Responsibility

By neglecting spiritual and physical health, we make it nearly impossible to have sound mental health. Without a spiritual connection, you leave yourself at the will of your natural instinct to react to everything vs. responding to the most pressing matters. A feeling of self-reliance based on the behaviors and subsequent outcomes of the previous day, week, and month, could result in an ever-increasing apathetic outlook on life. In addition to the lack of care given to your physical body, the subconscious knowledge of an inactive lifestyle may leave you with a desire to escape from reality by any means necessary. Que the unhealthy addictions and relationships which will in turn lead to more mental anguish. The number of Americans being prescribed anti-depressants was already at an all time high before Covid-19. Depression and anxiety diagnoses are rising as we navigate this new pandemic. You can help to protect yourself by being proactive. Mental illness is a serious issue and you should seek professional help if you ever feel the need. Do not suffer alone.


Take full responsibility for your health by being mindful of what you consume, not only nutritionally, but also mentally and spiritually. Focus on positivity and growth rather than ingesting negativity via certain media, movies, or music. Take time to reflect and to practice mindfulness. Eat nutrient dense foods to fuel your body and stay hydrated. View each situation as it is but never worse than it is. You can live an abundant life when you take 100% responsibility for your mind, body, and spirit.