Your Template for Success

You’ve probably heard about travel nursing but how about “local travel nursing?”  Both are very similar but the main difference is that you stay closer to home which means you have more time with family, friends and carving out more “Me Time.” You’ll be in control of your work/life balance as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse but making the decision to work assignments rather than a single job is only the start.

Here’s our 5-step plan to turn your dream into reality.

1. Select a staffing agency

This is your first step, and perhaps the most crucial in your journey to becoming a local travel nurse. The staffing agency you select is the biggest factor to your happiness.

You’ll need to select an agency with a great reputation and a history of success.  Ask about their clients and the types of assignments they are commissioned to fill, including locations, types of healthcare facilities, rates of pay and other benefits.

Make sure that the people you work with at the agency – those whose job it is to put you into suitable assignments – have the experience and contacts to achieve what you desire.

2. Work with your recruiter

Your recruiter is super important. He or she should get to know you and discover what your objectives are. They should learn about your career goals and your expectation for work/life balance. They should be supportive, keep you in the loop, and know the business inside out.

Get to know your recruiter, and make sure your personalities align. Keep in touch regularly – before, during and after an assignment.

3. Check your contract terms

How much you earn is important, but there is far more to a travel nurse’s contract. On top of competitive rates of pay, you should ask about health insurance, workers’ compensation, and professional liability insurance. When will you be paid? Are scrubs provided, or will you need to provide your own? Are there extra opportunities for development?

You should also ask about assignment lengths and where your assignment may be.

4. Get your licensing in order and credentials up to date

If you are considering working in a different state, you’ll need to check on the licensing requirements for that state. The staffing agency should be able to help you with this. Are your credentials updated?  These are the items first requested by facilities.

5. What about housing?

With an assignment agreed upon, you’ll need to consider housing and moving. You may be offered housing by the hospital you will be working for, or you may prefer to find your own. Ask about housing subsidies before you decide.

Make the Transition to Travel Nursing

Your experience is key to your success as a travel nurse. It can open doors to working in different specialties, different facilities, and different locations. Your flexibility and life goals will determine where you want to work, the type of assignments you accept, and the time that you work.

Our founders Terry and Christy have been in the medical staffing industry for more than 30 years. Our operations team has around 100 years of combined experience in medical staffing. We offer an employment package that is extremely competitive (including an incredible referral program). Also, if you prefer to stay close to home, we can still get you on contract as a “local” travel nurse with all the same benefits AND you’ll get to go home every night during assignment.

If you are considering travel nursing in Kansas, contact QS Nurses today. The life you desire could be only a message away.