Referral Program
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   do you know a great nurse?                                                                                                                                                             how about an exceptional aide?

send them our way and you get PAID - just fill out the form below!

Once hired and for every 50 hours they work, you get a bonus!

team member bonus:

      $250 per 50 hours worked for an RN - Up to $1,000!

    $100 per 50 hours worked for an LPN - Up to  $400!

      $25 per 50 hours worked for CNAs & CMAs - Up to $100!

non-team member bonus:

   $200 for a travel contract hire and completion!

   $50 at 50 hours for a per diem hire!

QSRP Terms and Conditions:

The candidate must give us your name as their referral source upon hire.  The referred employee must not have previously worked for QS and must perform 50 hours of billable service for QS (cancel pay, on-call and orientation do not count) for you to receive your first of a possible (4) bonuses/referral.  The 200 hours must be complete within 12 months from their hire date for all 4 bonuses to be paid. Team Member bonuses will only be paid to active status employees of QS who perform billable services. QS reserves the right to modify or eliminate this program at any time.