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Considered the most honest, ethical and trustworthy profession by the American public, nurses touch every phase of life, from birth to death. Nursing represents the essence of the human soul, the physical presence for the lonely, the hands that embrace at the joy of birth and comfort at the sorrow of death.

Nurses move selflessly throughout their career directly caring for others and placing the patient at the center of their priorities.

Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Nursing Aides (CNA) and Med Aides (CMA) looking for a home that recognizes and celebrates this noble profession choose QS. 


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Trusted. 30 years of dedicated and committed service to Kansas hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Reliable. When the going gets tough and you're in a pinch, we come through.

Capable. Words mean little, but action speaks volumes. We deliver.

We understand the challenges you face. Staff shortages, illnesses, vacations, or changes in census are demands you must meet and not lost on us.  Let's talk today and you'll see why we're chosen by so many in Kansas.


QS Nurses. The most trusted and dependable healthcare staffing agency in Kansas.