Services &

PRN Staffing

Helping you fill that “hard to fill” shift is our bread and butter. Our team members are the best available and known for their high quality, professionalism and ability to function as valuable team members.

Travel and Contract

Unexpected absence?  FMLA? Vacation? Vacated positions and a myriad of other extreme events that affect you at times is what our short or long-term contracts are there for.

Permanent Placement

Love one of our team members?
We will work with you to achieve
your desired objectives of hiring
someone full time.

Quality Matters

We aren’t perfect but we strive for it daily because you expect excellence.  With nearly a century of combined experience and the use of advanced technologies you can rest assured knowing you will be taken care of. Whether PRN shifts, Short or Long Term assignments, or Permanent Placement; we commit to mitigating risk exposure through quality assurance and compliance via adherence to Joint Commission standards so you can remain confident in us as your staffing partner.

Benefits of partnering
with QS

  • Over 3 decades in business and a near century of combined experience on our operations team!
  • 24/7/365: You will never reach a call center.  One of our staff will quickly respond to your request and act accordingly.
  • Service Guarantee –  we pay YOU should we have a service failure!
  • Very stringent hiring criteria; only 3 out of 10 will make it through the candidate process so you can be confident in receiving a high-quality healthcare professional.
  • Quickly place requests, change requests, view schedule, and request credentialing via the client portal.
  • Access to all information for your files, compliance, and annual surveys within the portal.
  • Skill-Based Order Matching & Ranking

Hiring Process,
Compliance and Credentialing

Each applicant to QS Nurses is carefully screened, experience verified, and current credentials are mandated prior to employment. Our Nurse Profile System ensures that all nurses have completed our total hiring/orientation package prior to placement. Each nurse undergoes an extensive pre-placement orientation and must meet all criteria for employment. This information is all logged to verify completion and expiration of all time sensitive documents.

Performance evaluations are completed regularly on each employee and as needed if a facility requests. Ongoing communication with our nurses and clients ensures that the skill of the nurse and your needs are being met. Strict adherence to Joint Commission requirements and monthly audits ensure all credentials are up to date.

Incident Review Process: Upon an incident, client will contact us immediately for action and resolution. HR in conjunction with our Director of Nursing immediately communicate with client Manager/Director of Nursing to receive a verbal statement of the issues. The client and our management team communicate and agree as to the next steps to take.

This is followed by a written statement from the client delineating the entire incident and the desired course of action. Our Incident Review Committee meets to determine the extent of the QS employee involvement and counsel/coach as deemed appro­priate including monitoring performance to ensure the issue has been corrected. While the facility has final authority over the entire process, it is important to note that we are an advocate of each and every healthcare professional who functions as a representative of QS Nurses.

This does not mean we have taken sides, it is merely a fact that our employee must be supported through any incident process. In summary, if the incident is of a serious nature, all steps are taken including (if necessary) with the State Board to achieve appropriate resolution. We do not take lightly our relationships with our clients and all incidents come to a resolution through prompt communication between us, our employee, and client.