Message from the President

Welcome to QS Nurses.

My wife Christy and I have been associated with Medical staffing for over 30 years. My admiration of medical professionals brought me into the industry as an employee of one of the largest companies and YOU hold us to it.  You are amazing individually and collectively as a profession.  You deserve the very best for the commitment, sacrifices and good efforts you consistently bring to communities and families, one patient at a time.  QS Nurses will do all we can to support you.  Perfection doesn’t exist, but our commitment to helping you perfectly is what we strive for.

You have many ways to a fulfilling career.  The temporary medical staffing industry offers unmatched opportunity to the healthcare professional whether it is PRN, local travel assignments, or achieving permanent placement. Healthcare professionals consistently move into the temporary medical assistance sector realizing a renewed commitment, and the benefit of flexibility, new locations, and rewarding compensation packages achieving unparalleled personal and professional satisfaction.

The entire team strives to provide a personal emphasis on YOU.  QS is dedicated to advocacy.  Our actions on behalf of you and our healthcare facility partners is critical to our success.

Please know when you work with QS Nurses, you have chosen the leader in advocacy, support, and commitment to you personally, professionally, and financially.


Terry and Christy Whitlow


We provide exceptional healthcare services that facilities desire for their patients and our team members are proud of.


We strive to be known as the most reliable, dependable, and quality staffing firm in the healthcare industry sharing success equally with our team members and clients alike through superior value.

Core Values

Valuable Team Members
Highest Quality Service
Honor and Integrity

QS History and timeline


Colorado PRN Staffing

1988 - 2006
1988 - 2006

Colorado Homecare


Travel Nursing to Entire Country

1995 - Present
1995 - Present

Kansas PRN and Local Travel Staffing


Our state is an honored one of rural and urban people whose past formed a rich culture and history.  From “Ike” Eisenhower, one of our nations most admired and greatest Presidents, to Walter Chrysler and Nobel Peace Prize recipients. From Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, historic forts, to space exploration and the Air Capital of the World.  Being rich in agriculture, Kansas farming and ranching employs cutting edge technology for extraordinary production, feeding 100’s of people per farmer/rancher.  Kansas also enjoys an abundant supply of oil, gas, and wind power generation. The state is known by the phrase, “Kansans, they are good people”.

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