Director of Nursing & Local (KS)

Quick Bio

Kim began her medical career in 2009 and has since then, held a wide range of positions in OB/Peds, Psychiatric and Correctional nursing. While she has developed strong nursing skills in many different fields over the years, her true gift and passion, is evident in her ability to build up and support her team. She truly understands and is compassionate about their needs, seeking to bring out the greatest potential in every situation, regardless of the challenges that may be present. Her strong leadership has been molded and seasoned through her various roles in the nursing field from her roles as a CNA, an LPN, RN, as well as a Director of Nursing. While she has accomplished so much in a short period of time, she is most excited about the future and the opportunity that she has to assist in the continued development and excellence that QS Nurses strives for.