Hi QS, I was recently a patient at a hospital in Kiowa County. The RN who has worked every night, I believe her name is Cheryl, and the aide who worked Thursday night, Lucy, are both employed by QS and have provided the BEST care I’ve received since I’ve been here. Just wanted to let you know from a patient perspective that QS continues to provide awesome staffing services.


Greensburg Hospital

I wanted to give you guys a heads up that we are now Covid free since Dec 8th. Thank you for all you and your employee’s help. We could not have done it without you.


Human Resources

“All of your staff does such a wonderful job. Thanks for all the great help!”


Director of Nursing

“QS is quick to respond to my needs and always follows up. The professionalism is outstanding and I have built a friendship with the office staff. It’s not just a business relationship.”


Scheduling Coordinator

Team Members

Thank you for the gift card! I’m so glad to be apart of a team that shows appreciation for their staff!” – Kamryn


QS Team Member

I am extremely pleased to be back working with QS Nurses. Every interaction I’ve had with any member of the QS staff has been outstanding! I am always treated with the upmost kindness and respect and that says a lot about the character of your company. Thanks so much for all you do!


QS Team Member

QS Nurses has believed in me, supported me and worked with me to develop my existing nursing skills and procure new ones! I have found working with them to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience! They are firm but fair disciplinarians and the office staff are an absolute pleasure to do business with! I highly recommend QS to anyone looking for a flexible and stable career in either per diem or travel nursing!


QS Team Member

QS nurses made it so easy for me to become a travel RN. The staff is very professional and super knowledgeable. The websites I used are user friendly. Everyone is so helpful. Lindi is a great travel manager. She stays on top of her game. I appreciate you all so much. I will definitely recommend QS Nurses to anyone looking into traveling!! Thank you for all you do!! You are the best


QS Team Member

I absolutely adore the QS staff! Truly the most helpful and understanding people I’ve worked for. I am forever grateful for the QS Nurses team overall but especially the contract manager, Lindi. I have never worked with somebody as kind, patient, and understanding as her. She always finds contracts that will match my skill level and preference! I have worked at several facilities and I am always able to broaden my skill set. Thank you for all you do! I love my job and what I do.


QS Team Member

I love working through QS. I honestly feel God blessed me with this job. Previous to working for QS I worked very hard for a Job that never recognized my hard work and dedication. With QS I felt more appreciated in one month b than I did in the 4 years at my previous job. I am so thankful for my job. Anytime I have questions or or concerns they are always right on it. They care. Anyone I talk to at the office is always so very nice and helpful. Thank u QS for accepting me as your employee.


QS team member

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