What Nurses Say about More Flexible Working

Are you looking for registered nurse jobs that let you live the life you desire while doing the work you love?

Do you feel tied to your employer, with little time for your family and friends, or doing the things that keep you going?

Do you feel like your nursing career has hit a brick wall?

If you answer yes to any or all these questions, then maybe it’s time you considered per diem employment as a registered nurse. What makes this such a great choice? Here’s what our nurses tell us!

“I’m no longer worried about losing my job.”

It may sound counterintuitive, but working as a per diem registered nurse means you no longer need to worry about being furloughed due to census, your facility closing, or being bought out. As a per diem or travel nurse, there will always be work for you because we work with hundreds of facilities.

It gets even better, too – our local per diem nursing opportunities mean you can be taking home an excellent salary AND going home at the end of your shift!

“I’ve improved my resume more in a year than I did in five years before.”

Moving between assignments and facilities, you’ll find you could have different roles and responsibilities at each location. You may be able to find work in specialties that most interest you, and working with a variety of different people helps to bring new perspectives to your career.

The experience you gain, the skills you hone, and the breadth of organizations you work for will give your resume a real boost.

“I get to do the work I love in the facilities I love.”

Let’s be honest, not every hospital or other healthcare organization is suitable for everyone. When you’re working as a per diem nurse, you have more control over where you work, and with short assignments you aren’t locked into a workplace that you don’t enjoy. Flexibility is a key reason many choose QS.

We put our nurses into positions that are most likely to make them happy and provide fulfillment. Of course, there’s always a little adjustment to make, but if we know what makes you tick, we’ll find a role that matches your personality.

“I’ve broadened my skill set and enhanced my career.”

When you work as a traditional registered nurse, better opportunities often mean leaving your current employment and finding a new employer. Each time you move, it’s a red flag on your resume. As a per diem nurse, each move isn’t considered as a red flag, it’s considered experience and broadening your career.

We try to match assignments and shifts with the challenges and opportunities our nurses desire most. That means that each and every shift is another rung on the career-building ladder – and if you want to change direction, it’s easy to do so.

“I’m enjoying my life like I never have before.”

Great rates of pay and a work schedule to suit you means you control your work/life balance. You get stress relief exactly when you need it. You can take time off between shifts, and create a schedule to suit you. You get to enjoy your family, and be there when you are needed. If you want a month off to tour Europe, it’s not a problem! You also have the ability to create more “Me Time,” this is our way of saying more time for you to do what you desire.

Experience Your Life as a Registered Nurse Jobs in Kansas

You can take on new challenges, create new adventures, and broaden your professional skills. You can work in different specialties and learn what you are most suited to. You can get back to really enjoying life again.

To take advantage of all the benefits in per diem nursing work in Kansas, contact QS Nurses today.

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