Tips for Choosing the Best Staffing Partner

As the healthcare industry continues to experience high demand for efficient and effective patient care, finding the right staffing partner becomes more critical than ever. Working with an agency providing inexperienced or insufficient number of nurses can lead to workload problems, decreased morale and a potential for medical errors. However, making the right choice can help alleviate these issues while providing numerous benefits.

Selecting a staffing partner requires careful consideration. Let us help you navigate the process confidently. Here are some tips to help you choose the best staffing partner for your healthcare organization.

Identify Your Staffing Needs

Before picking a staffing partner, the first step is to identify your facility’s unique staffing requirements. Consider factors such as the number of nurses you need, their specialties, and the kind of patients you serve. It helps if you can be specific so that the staffing agency can match you with the right candidates.

A quality agency will offer a menu of options such as those hard to fill per diem shifts, short- and long-term contracts for unexpected absences, FMLA or vacations and permanent placement for the candidate you must have on your team full time.


Not all agencies are created the same.  When choosing a staffing partner, it is essential to look for a reputable and established company with a proven track record. We are committed to mitigating risk exposure through quality assurance and compliance via adherence to Joint Commission standards so you can remain confident in us as your staffing partner.

Also check for the staffing company’s background and reviews from their previous clients. Ask for references when possible. You can verify the type of nurses they provide, their licensing and accreditation status and the quality of their talent pool.


A staffing partner’s experience is a vital consideration when selecting a staffing partner. Look for companies that have been around for several years and have solid experience in providing staffing solutions.

For example, we’ve been in business for more than three decades and have nearly a century of experience on our operations team. Experience matters in order to have a better understanding of the healthcare industry as a whole, making it easier for them to provide unique solutions specific to your needs.

Dependable and Reliable.

Nurse staffing is a critical area of healthcare, so you need a reliable staffing partner – this means providing qualified candidates who can be at your facility when you need them most. A high-quality agency will be quick and responsive to replace staff who get ill or any personnel who fail to turn up.

That’s why we have a service guarantee where we pay you if we have a service failure. But we don’t expect that to happen because we pride ourselves on our stringent hiring criteria. In fact, only 3 out of 10 candidates will make it through our rigorous screening process so you can be confident in receiving high-quality healthcare professionals.

Geography and Distance

Another aspect to consider is how far agencies are sending their staff. Mileage charges are a hidden cost that many facilities overlook which could get out of control quickly. Look for an agency that doesn’t charge mileage and/or will keep their employees closer to home (50 miles or less). This both improves the healthcare professional’s quality of life and assists facilities in managing their budget.

Customer Service

Choose an agency that maintains its professionalism, project management and communication standards. Select a staffing partner that works around-your-clock and assures quality support to its customers.

With us, you get 24/7/365 support, and you will never reach a call center. One of our staff will quickly respond to your request and act accordingly. In addition, we offer a client portal where you can quickly place requests, change requests, view schedules and request credentialing online.

Recognition and Appreciation

A truly reputable staffing partner keeps their team members happy. And the way to do that is through offering support, benefits and perks. Look for an agency that’s hands on with its nurses, offers 24/7/365 support, ensures pay rates are competitive, offers quality and affordable health insurance, covers workers compensation and has a healthy referral program.

In addition to those basic benefits, we offer access to free continuing education courses, quarterly bonuses, gifts, swag and prizes to show appreciation, recognition awards, and more!

Choose the right firm for you.

The best nurse staffing partner for your healthcare organization should be a trusted and professional firm with a solid record of providing knowledgeable and experienced staff. The above tips can guide you in making informed decisions that can transform your healthcare delivery services efficiently. With the right staffing partner, you can ensure that the staffing team is always adequately trained, available and responsive while remaining within your budget. Contact us today to become one of our valued partners!